Mister Mosquito

Features of the mosquito system

Mosquito system - Mister Mosquito The Mister Mosquito system is composed of a pressurization pump controlled from a control device which allows to set the spraying duration and time, and the daily frequency of the disinfection.
The system is powered directly from the water network and the filtered water is mixed to the active substance. The mixture is introduced and distributed in a network of pressurized pipes with the misting nozzles installed in variable number and position according to the problems of the area and the required result.

Below you find the technical characteristics of the system:

  • Absorbed power: 400 W
  • Power supply: 230 V
  • Pressure: 20 Bar
  • Carrying capacity (number of nozzles): min 15, max 100
  • Control device with microprocessor until 6 cycles per day
  • Disinfection time: 2-3 minutes per day
  • Battery: in case of lack of electricity
  • Dispenser: 0 % - 100 % repellent
  • Tank: 5 liters
  • Filter: for inlet water