Mister Mosquito

How the mosquito system works

Mister Mosquito is a special misting and disinfecting system for natural repellents for the fight against mosquitoes and other insects such as blowflies, tiger mosquitoes, sandflies. At fixed and programmed intervals by the installer on the control unit, during the day, Mister Mosquito delivers, through a system designed according to your needs, a pesticide that kills insects on contact instantly.
Mister Mosquito, once assembled and installed, does not need any maintenance.
The Mister Mosquito system is easy to install, safe and economic, it can be placed safely in your yard, due to the reduced dimensions. It needs only a water network and a connection to a power grid. The solution contained in the Mosquito Mister is harmless to humans and respects the trees of your garden. It can be installed in any situation, even in the presence of children, both in domestic environment both commercial ones like: Hotels, resorts, riding schools, parks, bars, restaurants etc.

Below some photos about the functioning of Mister Mosquito: